Manage IT Exchange

We provide the latest version of hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010, for a low monthly fee. You enjoy the simplicity and security of our service. Why have an on premise mail server when you can utilize a Fortune 50 infrastructure for your valuable business communications and save?\

Manage IT Backup

Computers are the default storage medium for most businesses. Because portable media is quickly becoming an outdated and expensive method for safeguarding important data it is essential to secure critical business assets and personal information with an easy-to-use, automated, online backup service.

Manage IT SpamControl

ManageITSpamControl is our comprehensive hosted anti-spam, antivirus, and email business continuity service which is compatible with any email system and can be implemented rapidly. It ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages – while also providing customers with assurance that they can continue to access and respond to email even when their own email infrastructure is offline. The solution is easily customizable, simple to deploy, and extremely easy to maintain and is also extremely simple to use – freeing time for both administrators and email users.