I remember being in middle school and stopping by my Dad’s office to get a ride home.  He worked for a large pharmaceutical company and in the center of the lobby there was a glass room filled with enormous computers with big flashing lights and tape drives spinning away.  The cost of those old machines was high compared to what they actually accomplished.

In those days business required a vast amount of human power to get things done.   Almost everyone from middle management to executives had one or more “secretaries ”  to help them crunch numbers, write memos, take messages, answer the phone, schedule meetings , arrange travel , file reports, and a whole host of other things needing done.

Fast forward to today.  Unless you are really fortunate and can afford multiple assistants your PC performs almost all of these tasks.   In most large companies there may be one or two administrative assistants for entire departments.  You write and send memos via email and instant messaging, calculations and number crunching is completed by your spreadsheet and software packages, meetings are scheduled through MS Outlook, and travel is arranged on the internet.

How would I run my business without my computer?  If you take a moment and sit back and think about it, how many people would be required to run your business, or would it even be possible?  Think about the costs of employing those people.   Now think about the cost of your computer system.   I bet it costs a fraction of the salary of one person, yet it does the job of multiple people.

The toaster mentality.  As IT professionals we frequently see that many business owners and managers do not fully understand the value of a good IT support structure.  Many people think that once you go to Best Buy and pick up the hardware and plug it in it should work they way you want it with very little intervention or support.  Unfortunately this is far from reality.  There are so many factors why computers systems have problems and issues.  So many that we will go over those at another time.

Look at it this way.  If I did not have a computer system I probably would not be able to function as a business.  In most cases one properly designed system can do the job or 4 or 5 people.  That many people would result in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in manpower.  So I should look at my system as a person that can sometimes be temperamental and require some regular “TLC.”  The good news is: this system does the work of several employees at the fraction of the cost of one single employee.

A smooth running system keeps everyone happy.  Less downtime means more productivity, less frustrations and makes for a more profitable competitive business.

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