What is Microsoft Exchange

What is Microsoft Exchange and why do I want it?

Microsoft Exchange is the industry standard for corporate communications. It facilitates email, calendaring, contacts and task information in one secure central location. The best part is that you can access this information with MS Outlook or via a web browser, and even an active synch ready smart phone such as an iPhone, Android or even a Blackberry.

Tired of having email spread across multiple devices?

With Microsoft Exchange all your important information stays in synch. What this means should you delete a message on your iPhone it will also delete the message in your MS Outlook. When you receive a message you can manage it with any of your devices or computers and it will all stay in synch. Simple. Easy.

Put a contact in your MS Outlook and it shows up on your phone. Put a contact in your phone and it shows up in MS outlook. How about that to simplify?

Be a big enterprise with little cost.

In the past having your own exchange server was a very expensive endeavor for the small business. Now for very low monthly fee you can have all the benefits of a large enterprise system without the high cost. Our system can support as little as one user.


We take your information seriously. Our system is completely secure and SAS70 auditable. We are not information brokers looking to sell your information like some other very large firms. On our system your data is your business not anyone else’s.

Contact us today and we can show you how Manage IT Exchange can work for you!

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